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Licensing & Pricing

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Basic Lease
.mp3 file
Distribute 5,000 copies
100 Paid Performances
Standard Lease
.wav file
Distribute 7,500 copies
200 Paid Performances
2 Radio Sations
1 Music Video
Premium Lease
.wav file
Track Outs
Unlimited Distribution
400 Paid Performances
Unlimited Radio Sations
Unlimited Music Videos
Exclusive Rights
.wav file
.mp3 file
Track Outs
Unlimited Distribution
Unlimited Paid Performances
Unlimited Radio Sations
Unlimited Music Videos

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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What are leased beats?

Leased beats are an efficient way to get beats for your project at a cost effective price. The major difference being that in an exclusive rights purchase, you hold full ownership of the instrumental. In a lease, we maintain ownership of the instrumental ONLY, not the song you make with it.

Why Salient Productions?

Besides professional quality tracks, we offer a great customer relationship. We feel that each and every project is a team effort, and our support does not simply end after you make a purchase.

How much are custom beats?

The price for a custom beat has a few variables. We fully understand the importance of a project's budget. We can come to a fair agreement for both parties, simply shoot us an email.

Do you offer music services?

Coming Soon.

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Be sure to check out our own FREE professional sample packs. We offer these to help your sample library become a bit more eclectic. We created these libraries for our own productions and are offering them to you, 100% FREE.

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We offer professional music services with a fast turn around time.

About Salient Productions

Salient Productions focuses on the creation of professional music, solely. Hence, we create music from the heart, from the soul, we feel our passion. With that being said, feel free to send us your material, leave a comment, or contact us. You are an artist trying to perfect your craft, just like us, and we get that. You are not just a dollar sign, you are a person attempting to live out their passion. We just want to be clear that we understand that, fully. As a result, we are open to any and all feedback. If you simply just want to have a conversation about music in general, drop us a line. Both of us are ALWAYS happy to hear what others think in respect to our shared passion. Either of us WILL get back to you, for sure. At Salient Productions, we stress the importance of the personal touch. We feel that so many companies are lacking that this day in age. We are here to break the monotony. Do not hesitate to browse around our site, providing detailed comments and feedback on what you would like to see changed, if anything. Salient Productions is open to any and all constructive criticism. We would like to get to know you and your thoughts, personally. Our philosophy is one of individualism, this is the emphasis we would like to convey to all of our visitors. Salient Productions, Professional Music and Service, here for YOU.

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Send us a message if you have questions. Call or text me on my cell (201) 406-7613