FAQ & Contact

Can I still purchase beats without a PayPal account?

Yes, you can use your American Express, Visa or Master card. When you select "Buy Now" you will see your selected beats. Simply agree to the License Terms, followed by clicking "Pay with PayPal". You will be redirected to PayPal, where you can either sign in with a PayPal account or select the "Pay with credit or debit card" button directly below.

What are track outs?

Track outs are .wav files which include all of the individual instrument tracks that were used. This will allow your engineer to have better control over the beat, in order to better fit the song you are recording. It will also allow your engineer to mix the track to YOUR specific taste.

Will voice tags be removed?

Yes, all of our different licenses come without any voice tags, they are only there to protect our product before purchase.

What if two people buy the same track?

The non-exclusive leasing rights do have the potential to be sold to multiple buyers. However, the chance of the two tracks crossing paths is very small. You can purchase exclusive rights, guaranteeing you the beat will no longer be available for any of our purchasing options, as well as giving you ownership of the track permanently.

After I purchase a beat, will anyone be able to purchase it afterwards?

If you are purchasing a lease, the track will still be available for exclusive and non-exclusive purchases. This is how we are able to offer quality beats at a low cost to you. If however, you purchase the exclusive rights of a beat, the track WILL be taken off the market. You will then hold ownership of the track.

How can I purchase a custom beat?

You can contact either of us at salientproductionsllc@gmail.com

Do your beats contain any samples I will need to clear?

No, we do not have any tracks with an illegal (uncleared) sample. That is not something you will have to worry about.

How do I give credit to the producer?

For any online videos, simply write in the description - "Produced by Salient Productions - https://www.salientproductions.com". For physical sales - "Produced by Salient Productions" or "Instrumental by Salient Productions"

Can I still copyright a song I leased?

Absolutely. Salient Productions will still hold the copyright to the instrumental itself, but the song you create with the beat will be your own to copyright.

Am I able to profit off of a beat I purchase?

Yes, simply review your licensing terms to check on the sales limit, if any, on your particular agreement.


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